Inspire a true love of reading.


We all know that reading is important. Its key to so many things, and while I could throw a whole pile of statistics at you, let’s just break down the basics on what instilling a passion for reading can do.

People who enjoy reading early in life…

  • show stronger literacy skills through life.

  • score higher on intelligence tests.

  • land better jobs than nonreaders.

  • so much more, let’s chat!


My mission: Encouraging a lifelong


Heyo! I’m Angi Baumel – book lady extraordinaire and self-proclaimed book junkie. I love to read and honestly, my favorite part of my job is finding the RIGHT book for the RIGHT kiddo and bringing them together.

How did I start as a book lady?

In 2016, I was invited to an online party for children’s books. I have always loved books and was collecting children’s titles long before I had children, so naturally, I was intrigued.

I ABSOLUTELY fell in LOVE with these books.

It wasn’t just the amount available, it was how DIFFERENT they were. How interactive. How incredibly fun!

Angi sends me book recommendations that actually engage all 4 of my children. She helps me find the best books for my readers current interests and ability levels.
— Katie Knight
My son Luke reading an Usborne book

My son Luke reading an Usborne book

But then I realized that my cart had over $300 worth of books in it. (Hmm..I didnt’t think that Vinny (aka the Hubs) would be too happy about that…)

So, I reached out to the gal running the party to see if there was some sort of dealio out there if I hosted my own event and down the rabbit hole I went.

Questions like, “if you love books so much, why wouldn’t you want to share them?” Or, “how much would you need to make each month to find some meaning into actually turning this into a business?”

And I had to be honest with myself. I loved the books. I loved what I had seen from the company. I loved sharing things with people.

It has been three years since that fateful online party and I have been so incredibly blessed by ALL the aspects of this business. I now stay home with my kids because I was able to quit my job in retail selling appliances. I met a huge personal financial goal: I’ve been able to pay for my children to attend private school. I’ve even been on numerous trips paid for by Usborne.

But the biggest thing? The thing that absolutely lights me up?

I have hundreds of parents who can come back to me and say, “These books that you introduced us to CHANGED things.”

I get to change lives with kids’ books! How awesome is THAT?!?!

I want to do the same for you. I want to help you cultivate a passion in your children for literature. I want to help you attain the goals that you have before you, whether that involves finding a new banner for yourself to wave on the soapbox of literacy or just finding the best book for the next door neighbor’s birthday.

Angi helped me get fun, educational books for my little guys at a great deal. My children loves Usborne books. Best educational books on the market!
— Angie Ferguson

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