Personal Book Shopping Appointments with Angi

 A 30-minute book concierge call to help you
find your child’s new favorite books


Personal Book Shopping Appointments are for parents who want to foster a love of reading. Expand your child’s worlds through books without spending tons of time digging through books (or buying duds) to find your child’s new favorites.  


We can turn to books to help our children through so many different aspects of life:

  • Learning new skills

  • Broadening our children’s horizons and world views

  • Dealing with sensitive topics

  • Pure enjoyment and delight

  • Enriching creativity

Good news + overwhelming news: There are endless benefits of reading with your children! And there are nearly as many books available too.

Have you ever felt this way when looking for your child’s next book?

“Will this help with my child’s [fill in the blank]?”

“There are too many books out there and I’m so overwhelmed!”

“Will my child want to read this book?”

And let’s be honest, “is this book going to suck?”


Enter: Your personal book concierge.

I’m Angi Baumel, mom of 3 young boys (including twins!). As a Senior Team leader with Usborne Books & More, I have access to over 2,500 amazing books. Whew, that’s a lot of books. And guess what? I know them all.

When you tell me about your child, about their interests, needs, and current reading level, I can identify a book or bundle of books that you’ll both love reading. I love matching kids with their new favorite books.

You don’t have to swim in a sea of book options alone, or spend hours researching new books. That’s what I do -- I live and breathe books!

The result?

Your child will love reading that much more, with each wonderful reading experience. And you’ll be the superhero parent who got them their new favorite book.

Angi is my favorite book lady to work with. She has helped me raise my kids to be passionate and voracious readers by helping me find books that perfectly challenge them. My 6 year old boy is reading almost 2 grade levels higher because of her recommendations!
— Courtney Silvan

1. Schedule your time for our personal shopping session by clicking the button below.

2. I’ll email your $25 invoice prior to our appointment to confirm. (Will be applied to your book order!)

3. On our 30-minute call, we’ll discuss your child’s needs and I’ll make personal recommendations for book purchases.


I will utilize books from Usborne Books & More during these appointments. 


Our girls have very different interests and Angi helped to find the perfect books for them both!
— Andrea Byrne