Tomorrow is going to hurt.

Y'all. YA ALL. Okay, I don't say that ever, but it has more power than just saying YOU GUYS. But YOU GUYS. Guess what I did today? I freaking tried CrossFit! Holy Hannah. I went in for as assessment because someone I met at the Usborne Convention told me that CrossFit is WHERE it is at for competitive people who hate cardio. Which just happens to be me in a nutshell. So, I went in to the CrossFit place, which just so happens to be the closest gym type place by me (we are talking less than a mile) and I did it. I likely won't be able to walk tomorrow, but today, I am proud of myself. 

The guy who did my assessment was named Tristen. Seriously? Why my trainer had to be a super hot, 26 year old lacrosse player named Tristen is just somewhat par for the course. "Hey, Tristen, I'm Angi. I haven't put any makeup on in a few days, haven't showered since I'm not so sure when, have had three children literally cut out of my body and my knees do this weird creaking thing every time I try to do a squat. Also, I'm 120 pounds overweight and if a groan emits from my mouth whole I am doing any of the spritely activities you are asking me to perform, it is completely beyond my control."

In all seriousness thought, he was super cool and encouraging and made me feel like I could do it. I had to do these weird stretching tests and squats for a minute and push ups for a minute and ring pulls for a minute and sit ups for a minute. And what I discovered is that I am strong. My body doesn't work like it used to and doing a full sit up is actually NOT currently possible for me, but I am flexible and strong. I have the drive and will to be really athletic. I'm just trapped in a fat girl's body. 

So, I will go back. I will continue to choose to be my friend and choose my health and I will go back. 

If I can ever stand up or walk down stairs again, that it.