It all just feels right.

Yesterday we got some big news. News we have been waiting on for what seems like YEARS. 

My hubby, Vince, was offered a job with a company that will very possibly be his forever home job. Like, no more transitions. No more limbo. To me, to be able to look at something like this and have a steady knowledge that it is finally happening, literally brings me to tears. And, on top of the fact that they are going to give him what he asked for and are a wonderfully stable company, they have a common faith vibe with our family. You know how you just get that vibe? And then the peace. 

I think the biggest thing for Vince is that they WANT him enough to be willing to bargain. He asked them to raise their offer slightly and the did immediately. He told them about my procedure and they told him that in order to get him to them sooner, they were willing to pay for our COBRA coverage so that our plan wouldn't change until after my stuff was finished. It's just GOOD. 

And so, coming back to that - I am humbled that our patience and faith is paying off. It feels like it has taken forever, but in the grand scheme of things, this really wasn't nearly as long as some people have had to wait. But my God knows what we need and it makes my heart so happy to know that we are living a life that He finds worthy of reward in this way. 

I'm starting to think of this blog in terms of what other people will think when they read it, and it is honestly coloring the things I am saying and I don't want that to be the case. This is just my life and my heart and how it all works for ME. I'm not trying to influence anyone or change how they think. This is just my narrative. So, if there is something that you need to say as you read this, please know that I am not trying to influence you. I just want to tell my side of it.

So, our lives will change again. But this time, it all feels like it is moving along in a current that is taking us to our steady path. I'm so excited to see what comes next. And at this time next year, who knows what will be possible.