A setback? Not this time.

So, it feels like I often fall into a pattern. I start a thing (diet, exercise, business routine - fill in the blank) and just as I am starting to find my rhythm, something happens. Not always a bad something, but a slight change in course that challenges my new thing. I have been eating gluten free and we go on a cruise where I cheat just once to try that amazing dessert and BOOM, no longer gluten free. The workout schedule I get used to being on while the kids are at school and then I get sick one week and BOOM, I can never find the time to fit it back in. I always alter and go back to the initial status - the behavior I have been trying to alter, because some little flaw got in my way and I let it become a road block. 

This morning, I was supposed to be at my first real CrossFit workout that was not a one on one with a trainer. I'm not there. I went to my personal training session yesterday and halfway through, my trainer asked if I was okay. I wasn't. I had been battling some THING and finally it was hitting me. So, she sent me home and said we would make up the session. I barely made it into the parking lot before I lost everything in my stomach (which was only water, but STILL). All that to say, I am not at the CrossFit class that my trainer is teaching today because I'm not physically able today. 

Normally, it is this kind of thing that would be that pebble in the road that starts to look like a boulder. That road block that would make me say, 'sleeping in is way easier and I really deserve that extra time so that I can heal'. Which, healing is important, I'm not saying that, but so is sticking to my little change, my new HABIT of getting up before my family to do something for myself. Because that little change just may be the keystone event (talked about in the book The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg) that completely drives everything. If I can change that and focus on that one thing, my chances of being more successful after my surgery are much higher. 

So, here I am. I still got up early. I still came downstairs and am without my kids. I am enjoying my cup of coffee and am working on things. And I am here. Still not feeling the greatest, but here. Reflecting and making a small change. 

Because for me, that just might change it all.