Time away and preperation

It has been some time since I added to this. Not from lack of wanting to, but literally from a lack of time. The end of the summer has been an absolute whirlwind and we have been running running running for weeks. Today starts a new chapter in our lives as my husband starts his new job, my littles head to Meet the Teacher Day at school and I realize that I am likely going to be filling my days with working more and trying to prepare for my new normal. 

I am expecting a huge shipment of books today. So many that it made more sense for them to ship via pallet than to ship individual boxes. This is hopefully the first of many times that I can say this happens. I love how this business is growing and I would love to see it move even further. I do have to figure out what I want this website to look like. I am struggling with the overall feel of it as I consider myself a rather "fun" person, but don't feel the website yet reflects who I am. 

I feel like that about a lot of things in my life and I am trying to get a handle on that. Or at least start to move in the right direction so that I recognize myself. That is what I am looking forward the most when it comes to surgery. I am so tired of being unpleasantly surprised when I look in the mirror or at pictures. That person I see there is not the girl I see in my head. I am really looking forward to that ,"Oh, THERE you are!" moment. And I am under no dissolution that I may get there quickly. But I do look forward to the moments it will take to get there. The little victories along the way. Things like, having a pair of pants that I know are tight fit correctly. Running without feeling like I am going to smash a hole in the ground as my feet hit. Sitting in a chair without noticing that my belly is in the way if I try to get up. Seeing my cheekbones again. LOL Those non-scale victories will be the ones that drive me. 

I read a really interesting blog post about PCOS (polycycstic ovary syndrome) and the gastric sleeve. It talked alot about what PCOS really does to the hormonal imbalance and what it messes up in how the body treats food. As a person gains weight, it just gets worse and worse. And studies are finding that reducing the stomach and removing the cells that impacts some of those body signals has been really helpful. Check out that article here: My Gastric Sleeve and Me
There are also lots of medical journal additions that talk about it, but I felt that that post really kind of nailed it on the head for me. It just makes sense that no matter what I do to try and lose weight up to this point has felt like a losing battle. 

So, life, here we go. I'm ready and willing to see what is before me. I am at a place that I have not been in quite some time as I excitedly look to the future and what it holds. I am HAPPY. Really happy and content in what my life is bringing. It is a beautiful place to be and I am so very grateful to be starting this journey that will be changing my whole everything in this mental place. 

Happy. Content. Hopeful. 

This is a very nice place to be. 

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