Back in the stinkin saddle

This is going to be somewhat short because I have this feeling that my youngest gets a message from my computer as soon as I try and start blogging to WAKE UP. But I wanted to get this feeling into words.

Today I went back to the gym after being on vacation for a week. I DID IT. I actually went back and didn't slid into my old habits and make excuses about how good it would feel to sleep in. Which it would have been wonderful, but I didn't do that. I did the hard thing. I freaking DID it. Which, maybe to some, does not feel quite as life-changing and monumental as it does for me. But I can honestly say, this is the first time I have had a change in routine and have not immediately fallen back into the old give up, give in, I can't do it mentality and habit. I am breaking those habits and replacing them with NEW ones!!! And I DID it! 

The workout was terrible and hard and I couldn't do a lot of it. But I powered through and did what I could and I was proud of myself. I'm super tired right now and have a million things to do. Like unload the PALLETFUL of books I have coming today! I also need to get things ready for a booth this weekend and list some things in an online sale and take care of the kids and and and and....

It never ends, it never slows down. I'm grateful and happy for the chaos. My life is on a trajectory that is pretty stinkin awesome right now.