Four days post op

Well, that was more than I figured it would be. Oy. My overnight stay turned into three nights because my pain was so poorly managed the first night that it took me that long to recoup. Needless to say, the pain of them inflating my stomach and cutting 3/4 of it out was not minimal. I hear that isn't the norm for everyone. But for me, it was BAD. Now, I'm home and trying to adjust, get my fluids in and find a comfortable way to be a mom of three active little boys while recuperating. My mom is here today and I have help for the next couple days, but then it is off to "normalcy". I am currently down 21 lbs in two weeks. Water weight, mostly, but it is 21 lbs that I don't ever have to think about again as long as I continue to change and adapt into a more healthy lifestyle. Its amazing how much different what you really NEED to survive is from what you THINK you need to survive. I'm excited to start to see a difference. I think I can a little bit in my face, but not too much. I am guess that will come by the tome I'm ready to start eating food again. These days are long right now and I am so many things that I need to be doing, but honestly, very little motivation to get them done. 

Time for some lists to wrangle me back into some discipline. There are so many event coming up with PleaseReadWithMe that I don't and can't drop the ball. This fall's Mystery hostess party has the potential to be off the charts. I would love that. I am still gunning for Alaska and really need some teammates to help me promote some literacy. I could accomplish so much more with a little help from some friends. But isn't that how the song goes? 

This may not be the most life-changing of blog posts, but it is a step in a journey. On to new and smaller things.